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What's your clothing style? Do you like rock-chic or gypsy? Maybe you like flowers or neon colors. Most of those styles are so old, that we forgot they exist before we were even born! Have you ever asked your mother or father which style they had when they were young? And did it surprise you? 
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Well my parents were pretty boring, my mother mostly wore big glasses, a jeans and a shirt and my father mostly wore jeans with a blouse. Instead of my aunt (the sister of my mother) she was full punk. Her boyfriend (my uncle) even had a big green cockscomb! They were motor bicker types. With leather jackets, neon colors, and motor bicker boots. I can't imagine how they used to look because they look so neat right now, my uncle doesn't even has hair anymore and my aunt just has long brown hair. People change so much!

Style is also a subject with you can always talk about, because nobody has the same style as everybody else. Everybody is unique! But everybody changes his style by the fashion they see. It's not that I want to tell you that everybody just copies the high fashion, but they get inspired by it. That's how fashion can change everybody's style.

Want to see how fashion changes trough the years? Watch this! :) 

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching. 
Get inspired! 

Much love!

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