Bee-u-tiful yellow nail art

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Hey guys, today I'm sharing a very easy nail art/ cracking nail polish review with your. I wanted to buy some cracking nail polish for a long time, and a few months ago essence introduced her cracking nail polishes. So I immediately bought the black one. 

The first months I just kept it simple: a basic color with the black cracking top coat. Just like everyone else, and when I noticed I wore my nail polish just like everyone else, I wanted something new. Something different. (but still with the cracking nail polish) Luckily essence now also has a white, silver and blue cracking top coat, but they're sold to quickly. I only have the black and blue one yet.

So for the people who want to get a new design with black cracking nail polish, I found some other idea's. Want to know them? Click read more. 

What your going to need:  

 - A bright topcoat. I used a topcoat from gosh, I like this one very much and it makes my nail very smooth. 
- A black cracking top coat, I used the one from essence, which I really like. 
- A bright and light colored polish, I used mellow yellow from essence. 
 - A white bacecoat. I used one from essence, I don't really like this one as a white polish, which I expected it to be, but it's a nice bace coat. Would I buy it again? I don't think so. 

Alright, so when you have all your polishes ready, we can begin. The steps are very easy, you don't need ANY nail art experience. 

Step 1.
Paint your nails with the white bace coat. This will secure that the color pigments of the colored polish won't go into your natural nail. (I have had green nails one time, until my nails were long enough to cut the green parts of. It has taken like four months or something like that!) So this step is really, really important! 

Step 2.
Paint your nails the color you like, I choose mellow yellow because it's a very light color that reminds me of the summer. It also helps you to see the effects of the black cracking top coat much better. 

Step 3. 
Now the hardest part: Make a straight line with your black cracking nail polish. I chose to do it in the middle, but you can do it any way you want to.  

Step 4.
Put a clear top coat over your creation, and your done. It's just that easy

This (over-lighted) picture shows my nail art creation on the other hand. It's a bumble bee. I didn't come up with that design, I saw it on youtube by cutepolish. 

To see the video of how to make those bumble bee nails, click here.

I hope you liked this little easy nail art design, and if you tried it let me know. I would love to see your results. :)

Much love! 

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3 interesting thoughts

  1. Die nagels zijn echt vet stoer en super leuk dat je mee doet met de give-away!

  2. i hate cracking nail polish but they way you have done it with the streak in the middle looks awesome!! :D:D Xx

  3. I had this on my nails too! yellow with crackle only on my whole nail, I think it's a very great combination and I loveee crackle! x