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Sometimes I just wonder how my dream house would look, of course I would live there with the most amazing man and the cutest kids, but how would the house look? Well in my mind it looks a lot like this pictures.

I love the nature glam style. I would also love to have a big garden and many windows in the house. I love light houses, and my house really needs to be calm and cozy

 If you would like get inspired by this nature glam style click read more! :) 

 I love the fact that this room looks so simple but still sturdy. The black bed with the white duvet is a beautiful contrast which also makes the room a little bit more modern. An other great item in this room is the branch above the bed. That gives the room a cozy feeling.  

 In one word: It's super light! I love the windows, I just love them, but that's not the only thing I love about this kitchen. As first the wooden floor and all the plants: amazing. You really get the feeling like your in the middle of nature. :) The second thing I love is that the kitchen is open, I really need an open kitchen, I love to feel connected with the rest of the house. 

This is just a nice work space, it's a bit messy, but still very organized which makes this room very cozy. I love the little details, the metal storage places, the rock, the old books, the pictures, the wood. It's just great.  

Some random home detail inspiration: 
Those pictures are a close look at the work space picture above. 

A beautiful old writing machine, amazing. :)

This room is just in one word: stunning! 

I hope you enjoyed watching and reading! :) 

Much love!

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