Teen Vogue or Seventeen?

by - 11:48 PM

Hey guys, I really want to get a new subscription on a magazine, but I quiet have red all the dutch ones. I've had an subscription at Tina, Girlz, Fancy, Cosmo Girl etc. I found out that the Vogue and the Seventeen are nice magazines so I need to chose between them because I just want to try one first, and I'm thinking to buy the Seventeen?

But since I live in the Netherlands, it's a bit difficult, does anybody know how the deliver it, and where you need to order? At this site https://subscribe.hearstmags.com/ you can order the seventeen for :
1 year $10, but when you live outside the US that's $16.
2 years $12,  but when you live outside the US that's $32.
3 years $15, but when you live outside the US that's $48.

What I would like to know is:
Is it safe, has anyone some experience with one of these magazines or with ordering a American magazine (when you live outside the US)?
Ends the subscribtion directly after the period or do you have to end it yourself?

I hope someone will help me somehow, what's your favorite magazine?

Much love!

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