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Hey guys, today I went to the Kruidvat, a dutch store, to buy some make-up. Lucky me: most was in sale! :) I bought some rouge, some eyeshadow, something for your teethe and some new essence stampy sets. Almost all products are from essence. Which is already very cheap! :P

So if you want to see what I bought click: read more!

Two bronzing powders from essence, they were both in sale: 1,40 each. :)
~ Sun club brunettes, darker skin
~ Sun club, blondes lighter skin. 1,40  


  The holographic eyeshadows from essence: 01 GAGALECTRIC and 02 LIL. They were in sale so 0,50 each. :) 

 Some labels for my school stuff, by Kruidvat 0,69

  Two essence nail art stampy designs. 1,70 I guess? 

Hope you liked to read it, sorry for the bad pictures, I was with a friend of mine so I came home late and needed to make pictures in the dark... 

Much love!

Ps. Something went wrong with this article, I hope you can see the pictures right now? 

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2 interesting thoughts

  1. Klopt het dat ik geen foto's zie, of ligt dat aan mijn internet?


  2. Oo.. er is iets verkeerd gegaan bij het uploaden denk ik, sorry! Kan je het nu wel zien? :) xx