Picture Perfect Sunday

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This is my second picture perfect sunday, and my 22e day of the 30 days challenge. It's also a pretty special day for me because tomorrow will be the last day of my holiday. So to make it a great day I will go shopping with my best friend, we'll go to the primarkt! (and of course I'll make a shopblog about it!) This week I've made pictures for the 30 days challenge again, so let's see how the are.

I went to Amsterdam, so I made pictures of the things I bought, so here is a little shopblog: :) 
 Miss Line, summer dress, 5,-

 Miss Line, gray pull, 10,- 

  Jumelles Footware, gray wedges, 10,-  

 Dolcis, black boots, 35,-

Clairs, vintage looking magnets, 3,- 

 Clairs, angel wings ring, 6,-
Clairs, birds ring, 5,- 

 Six, rings in sale, 2,- each


I made pictures of my nail art creation, if you want to know how to make these matt glitter nails or if you want to know what products I've used, just leave a commend. :) 

I made photo's for my DIY ring blogpost, so many people will have seen this pictures earlier, that's why I don't post all the pictures.

I made pictures for a new DIY, but I want to make a special blogpost about that, so I won't post the photo's here. I'll post another photo I made that day, a photo of a beautiful vintage bag. My mother bought it when she was something older than me, and I think it looks so cute!


A beautiful sunset. :)
 The sky was just bright red and orange.


I hope you liked it!

Much love!

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