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Hey guys, today was my brothers birthday (which we're going to celebrate tomorrow) so I went up early to give him his presents. :) After that I went shopping in the city Roterdam. I bought some pretty nice stuff, and bought: a skirt! You might think that a skirt is something every girl has, but I really had no skirt. I have to admit: I feel ugly in a skirt, when I was younger I felt all the time, so my legs are covered by scars, stripes and other ugly things.

But I really love skirts! So every time when I go shopping I search for the perfect one. (which I still haven't found) Today I finally bought that basic black one that every girl should have and I bought one with flowers, but I'm not totally satisfied yet, I just keep looking for 'the perfect one.' :)

Well because I haven't had much time to post a blog, (I post a shopblog tomorrow because it's very  dark right now) I decided to make an inspiration post. Not just an inspiration post, a skirt inspiration post! :)

 Lauren Conrad wears a flower skirt.

Hayden Panettiere with the simple black skirt.  

Vanessa Hudgens with the bright colored skirt. 

Then I found this quite intresting video at youtube, could man wear skirts?  

Some nice looks with a skirt from people on
 Amalie B

Breanne S

 Camilla S

Christine Y


 Lisa D

Little Red

 Mayo W

Paulina R

 Rachel-Marie J.

Sky W

Style Mania

 Vera K

 Victoria C

White I

I hope you enjoyed this skirt inspiration post, and let me know if you have found your perfect skirt and how you wear it mostly. :)

Much love!

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2 interesting thoughts

  1. leuke foto's ! En dat haarkleur van Victoria C is prachtig!

  2. Ik ben er zeker van dat je wel mooi staat met een rokje!
    Ben benieuwd naar de rokjes die je gekocht hebt :D