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I have to admit: I have fallen in love with big rings. I really love it when I wear an eye-catcher on my hand, and there are so many of them! The bad thing: big eye-catching rings are very expensive, and unless you are very rich you don't want to put all your money in one ring. So I thought, hey it must be possible to make my own rings, and while I was thinking that I came up with really cute ideas.

I've been to Amsterdam lately and saw so many cute rings, I just wanted to buy them all, but together they were quite expensive. Then I remembered I wanted to make my own rings, and the jewelery stores became a source for inspiration. When I came back from Amsterdam I made two rings: a clock and a heart, they look pretty cute (my opinion) and were they expensive? No!

It was also really fun to make, so I decided to make a little DIY about it. It's really easy so you don't need to have any art skills or whatever.

If you want to know how to make these cute rings, click read more. :) 

What you need:
* cute stickers
* carton with a nice pattern
* empty rings
* one second glue
* scissors
* Matt nail polish (you don't need this but I really love the effect of it)

Step one: 
Choose which sticker you want to use and check if it's bigger than the surface of the ring. Than take the sticker you've chosen and put it on the carton. Take your scissors and cut the sticker out of the carton. 

Step two
Put some glue on the surface of the ring. Than put your sticker on there and let it dry. For me it helped to put the ring already on the odd hand, I'm right handed so I put the ring on the left hand so I wouldn't vibrate while I was putting the glue on the ring.  

Step three 
If you like your ring the way it is right now, than your done, but if you're like me than you might have noticed that the most stickers have a cheap shine or glow on it. I really liked the ring already, but it missed something. I used the essence matt top coat to keep the shine away from the sticker. That worked really well so I decided to try it on the ring itself to.  


Step four
Step four is the easiest step, but for the impatient, I had to leave 10 minutes ago types like me this might be the most difficult step because you just have to let it dry. And than... Your done! 

I hope you liked it, and I'd love to know what your thinking! 

Much love

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5 interesting thoughts

  1. Origineel idee! Leuke blog heb je ook! :) x

  2. Leuk idee, ik wil die ringetjes ook kopen, heb namelijk allerlei kraaltjes thuis en ik wil er iets meer doen. Dit is leuke inspiratie voor mij. ;D

  3. dankjewel! :) ik heb ze gekocht bij de pipoos, 4 voor 1,10 :) xx

  4. Ik heb exact diezelfde stickers die eigelijk voor het kaarten maken zijn ^^'
    Wel superleuk bedacht en gedaan.