30 days challenge | day 9 till 15

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- DAY 9 - 

[09-08-2011] So I just proved how bad I am at challenges like this, as I skipped a few days. However, today I am back. I decided to try making night photo's again, and there already a lot better than the last night pictures. Which is good, because that means that I'm developing my own photography style and improving my skills. :) You must be very curious right now so I'll just show you the pictures. :) The first one is a little bit strange, but the perfect effect for me. :) After trying a few times I'd say my advise for night photographers: play with the light and the movement. Shake your camera or move the object to get the most beautiful photo's! 

It's me on the picture. 

- DAY 10 - 

[10-08-2011] jeej it's day 10. I've completed 33% of the 30 day challenge. O gosh I'm happy! :) I really love doing this, making photo's and posting them. So if you want to see more photo's, you just need to ask! :) Today I just took a cup of coffee, watched it and had an ''aha-moment.'' The cup of thee looked very pretty, and I decided to take a picture of it. I think that that's a quality many photographers have, and if you're making a lot of pictures you start to see objects in an other way. You think: he, if I put that one next to that one in that light, that would be a nice picture. Some people are born with a eye for such things, but when you just do it a lot you can learn to focus on beautiful things I guess.

- DAY 11 -

[16-08-2011] Hey guys, it's day 11 of my 30 day challenge again and I hope you guys don't get to bored. Well I think you are, so I came up with the idea of doing a full week photographs post. The idea is simple I don't blog just some pictures every day, no I'll blog one big over view at Sunday with all the pictures of the whole week.

Picture Perfect Sunday

- DAY 12 -

[17-08-2011] I made pictures of my nail art creation, if you want to know how to make these matt glitter nails or if you want to know what products I've used, just leave a commend. :) 

- DAY 13 -

[18-08-2011] I made photo's for my DIY ring blogpost, so many people will have seen this pictures earlier, that's why I don't post all the pictures.

- DAY 14 -

[19-08-2011] I made pictures for a new DIY, but I want to make a special blogpost about that, so I won't post the photo's here. I'll post another photo I made that day, a photo of a beautiful vintage bag. My mother bought it when she was something older than me, and I think it looks so cute!

- DAY 15 -

[21-08-2011] A beautiful sunset, without any editing. The sky was just this beautiful.

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