30 days challenge | Day 1 till 7

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Hey guys, today I decided to start a 30 days challenge. I've got inspired by watching a TED video by Matt Cutts and thought: he, I should do that! So today I started with my challenge: taking a photo (which I need to like) every day for 30 days. Taking a photo every day may not be the hardest challenge for me, being content with the photos I've taken, that might be a challenge. 

Click 'read more' if you're curious to how the pictures of the first seven days. 

- DAY 1 -

[31-07-2011] The very first picture of this challenge. 

- DAY 2 -

[01-08-2011] The second day of my photography challenge, it feels great to be able to say  that I've made it through the second day. My best friend came to visit me today, she's just back from her holiday and I had no idea. Such a great surprise! :) She gave me a bracelet and a pair of earrings, so cute! So I changed my plans, and had a walk along The Maas (a huge river in the Netherlands) with her and my super sweet dog Mila. :) It was great and I've taken some pictures there. Just some wood and water. When we came home we decided to try out my new IMac. (yes, my parents just bought a IMac a few days ago, I really love it, even while it's not mine ;) ) We made some pictures and tried out all the weird effects. It's really fun to do, you can just play with all kinds of backgrounds and stuff like that. Let me know what you think of the pictures. Constructive criticism is welcome! :) 

The colors are very bright, and the water is just so beautiful. I really love this place. :)

- DAY 3 -

[02-08-2011] Hey guys, today I've taken pictures in the park which was lovely. The weather was really great and my dog really cute so that's a good excuse to go for a long walk. :) In the morning I went to the city Rotterdam for shopping together with my mom and sister. It was cozy and I've bought some creative stuff and new shoes! :) I'm really happy with both, but I really need some good sport shoes so tomorrow we go back to find me some.

- DAY 4 -

[03-08-2011] Today I went to the park again, but the weather was much less lovely than yesterday. So I took some quick shots and went back home with my dog, Mila. In the morning I went to Rotterdam, Zuidplein again and bought some lovely stuff. I need shoes but I came back with almost everything except shoes. Haha. Tomorrow I'll make a little shopblog  :)

- DAY 5 -

[04-08-2011] Jeej, it's the fifth day already. Today I was really lucky that a beautiful dragonfly landed in my garden. Like it was meant to be. So I took some pictures of him and I also took some pictures of a frog. 

- DAY 6 -
Day 6 again! Today I took photo's with my little sister (9), it was fun to do! I had made all kinds of little paper hearts and she must let them fall while I tried to photograph them. That was a lot of work, but it was funny to do. :)

- DAY 7 -

Hey guys, today I want to try out night photography. So I'm making the photo's right now! Let see how this turns out! :) Taking pictures in the dark is quiet difficult, at least for me. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the results yet, but practice makes the pro. So I just keep trying. This is the first night picture I made and showed at this blog: :)

These were the first 7 days of the 30 days challenge, to see the other articles of this 30 days photography challenge click on the following links:

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