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Hey guys, I'm back from my holiday in France. It was great, France is so beautiful! :) I decided to make a little travel journal to show you the places I've been to. :)

Antibes is the place where my family and I slept at night. We hired a caravan at a lovely camping with swimming pool. So the first day we went swimming in the swimming pool. At night we went out for a walk at the beach. Next to the camping was a night fair, Antibes Land, so we were their very much. My little brother (11) and sister (9) liked Antibes the most, because of the swimming pool at the camping and the night fair. ;)

I know that Monaco isn't a place, it's a (little) country, but that's where I've been the second day. The first thing I thought when I came into Monaco was 'So many people in such a little place!' Everywhere you look are apartments built. Monaco is located by the sea and it's in the mountains. So you need to drive on ánd in the mountains. It's funny to see that their's a whole life ín the mountains!

Monaco is a place for very rich people and you could see that. The boats are so big, that even the word big can't describe them. You see a Ferrari in almost every street, and everywhere you look are photographers because it's a beautiful place to be. The only thing which I've missed was shopping because the shops are very expensive...

While we were riding to Monaco we drove through Nice. One word: BEAUTIFUL! Nice is definitely one of the most beautiful places where I've been. The mountains, the beach, the people, the ambiance, every thing was just perfect! When I ever go back to the côte d'azur I'll go to Nice or Saint Tropez. (I've never been in Saint Tropez, but everybody who's been there said that it's great. :) Nice is touristic but still very French, just perfect!

We also went to Fréjus, a less known place at the côte d'azur. While it's a beautiful place. We have driven in Fréjus for about an hour, and than went to Aqualand. (a big swimming pool park) We loved it, it was hard to find, because on the flyer was no address and nobody of us speaks French very well, but at the end it was worth it. :)

When you're also going to an Aqualand I've one tip: hire a little boat, that costs 10 euro extra, but that saves 30 minutes in almost every row. It's really worth the money.

We drove through Cannes on our way to Fréjus. Again beautiful, lovely beach and a beautiful harbor. Almost every place at the côte d'azur is beautiful, at least all the places that I've seen are, but they all look like each other: mountains, beach, harbor, hotels, etc. But it's still great to drive through places as Cannes, because you've so much to see!

Last but not least: Juan-les-Pins. We went to Juan-les-Pins for the (sand) beach and the  souvenir shops. (which were next to the beach. Juan-les-Pins isn't far away from Antibes so that was great. The best thing was there is a sand beach, because at the côte d'azur are mostly stone beaches. The bad thing was that every body loves the sand beach, it was so crowded!
That's the reason why we left early. Maybe we should have gone later, because it's much less crowded in the evening and the water is still warm then.

This was my travel journey. I had a great holiday and I hope you too. 
 Are you going on holiday this year? And where? :)
 Let me know!

Picture source: tumblr (collage made by me)

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  1. cute photos!
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  2. cute blog! Ik volg je!
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  3. france? lucky you! have fun!

  4. You are so lucky! I have always wanted to go to France. Have fun! :)

  5. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine, i would really apprieciate your opinions on it! :)

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  6. Hey guys, I'm back! :D Thanks for all your lovely commends. :) I'm going to check your blogs :)

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  7. @ Joyce dat zou ik ook erg leuk vinden, wat is jou site? :)