DIY shredded tee

by - 3:15 PM

Hey guys, recently I was looking at some of the awesome outfits people post at and I started noticing a trend. A lot of the girls there were wearing a shredded T-shirt. Combined with a simple pair of black jeans, tights and denim shorts or even a tight skirt. To be very honest it is a look that I did not fell in love with at first sight, but now I am getting used to it I start seeing its charm. Especially since every shredded shirt is different, or at least, when you make it yourself ofcourse! (also very good for your budget!) That is why today, I have been searching for a good DIY on how to shred your own T-shirt. After a while I found this tutorial from Childhoodflames. She explains it very slowly and very well, in a way that everybody will understand. So, who knows, maybe I'm going to make this shredded tee soon! I'll keep you guys updated! ;) 

What do you think of the shredded tee and are you going to try this DIY? 

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