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Today it is fathers day. The day to surprise your day with some cute (selfmade) presents that remind him of how special he is to you. How grateful you are for everything he does and how happy you are that he is still here. Or at least, that is what I hoped to tell him today with my presents. That is why yesterday, I was searching for some cute present ideas to give my father today. I mean for once I did not want to come with the same deodorant and chocolate bar. Today I wanted to surprise him a bit. Now maybe you have already given your present to your dad, but in case you haven't, here are some cute, quick and not (very) expansive present ideas for fathers day (or mothers day or any birthday).

The first cute thing came from A cute balloon card, you only need to change mothers day into fathers day. ;) I think it's a really sweet present, which can be given on many moments not only to your mother or father and would also make a great invitation. 

The next cute idea, I really love it, is from Again, how cute? It just looks so great, and if I believe the blogger that came up with the brilliant idea than this project is also very easy! The only things you need are: water, gel, paper with a picture and the sticks. Nothing more. So beautiful! :)

The last cute idea for today comes from This could be the best present if your dad needs to travel a lot for his work. So he can think of you every day. The idea is simple: you take many envelopes and put some sweet texts/presents in each one. You write dates on the envelopes, so your dad can make one open every day. I think it's a very cute idea, and when you hang the envelopes up like the pictures it just looks great. Maybe I'm going to do this for one of my friends, for when she's on holiday. :)

 What have you given/are you going to give to your father?

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