Learning from Spongebob

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''Nobody can change a person, but someone can be the reason for a person to change.''

- Spongebob

I really think this is an amazing quote. Sometimes we want to change other people, without looking at ourselves first. What we forget is that we as well are not perfect. We as well make mistakes. Hence, we might not be qualified to judge let alone change others. So instead, let's start by changing ourselves first. Like Michael Jackson wisely sang; let's start with the man in the mirror. We should not strive to change others, we should strive to change ourselves for the better to inspire others (which eventually might lead those others to change).

To be very honest, I am inspired by other people all of the time. I think everybody has something good, something inspiring, something worth learning from. You just have to open yourself up to it and surround yourself with the right people. Look for beauty, wisdom and strength in the people around you and see how everybody has different qualities that make that person unique. Observe those qualities and learn from them. Learn from them, not to teach them to others, but to adapt them to your own life. Honesty. I think we all fall in the pitfall of judging people and trying to change them sometimes, but I do think that once we are aware of it we can force ourselves to think otherwise. Change our own thoughts, instead of trying to change the habits of others.

Has someone ever inspired you to change?  

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