Can man wear make-up?

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I just stumbled upon a very interesting topic at and figured I wanted to share it with you guys. The topic is, I think, quite controversial, yet very current as we see it more and more. Today's article will cover the question: Can man wear make-up? To be completely honest my first answer was no. I mean, why would they? To me it looked a bit weird, not manly at all. But thinking about it for a bit made me change my opinion.

First of all, my first opinion was based on my idea of normal, which does not have to be everybody's idea of normal. I figured I would not like it if a guy would wear make-up, simply because to me it makes him less manly and hence less attractive. But on the other hand, why wouldn't there be girls or guys who do find make-up on man very attractive? Thinking even further, forgetting the whole attractiveness aspect, why would anybody even have to care about what other people think about their appearance? In my humble opinion I have always thought that nobody should care about the opinions of others when it comes to how people (make themselves) look. Do you want to wear black clothes, colorful clothes, flowers in your hair, make-up/no make-up, please do! You should be free to wear whatever you want, whatever makes you comfortable. And if the only reason you are not wearing any make-up as a man is based on superficial gender stereotypes, than please forget about those. Wear whatever makes you happy and if that is red lipstick and black eyeliner, put it on!

To be completely honest I would not be too surprised if in a few years it would also be normal for guys to wear make-up. I mean after all, trends change and so do the rules of fashion (and make-up). So maybe we just have to get used to the idea and maybe, in the future, this topic will not be as controversial as it is right now. So if you are a guy and you want to wear make-up, feel free to, you might even become a trendsetter! ;)

What do you think about man with make-up? 

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