April 9, 2014

Fashion | 5 colorful summer outfits


Since the sun is shining again it's time to put away those burgundy pants and ocher yellow jersey; it's time for some fresh summer colors in your wardrobe! Although I have lately been loving wearing various shades of white and gray, I still find it fun to experiment with colors (which you can see in my wardrobe). Therefore, I thought it would be fun to share five of my favorite colored outfits with you today. Enjoy!

March 16, 2014

Recipe | Quinoa, feta and eggplant

I have been eating more quinoa lately, not only because it's very healthy, but also because it is very versatile, quick and easy to prepare. Even better, the quinoa that I used for this recipe was ready within 3 minutes. (click here). When I was staying with a friend who loves quinoa just as much as I do, it was no surprise that we made a quinoa meal for dinner. She had been a fan of this recipe for a while, so we decided to go ahead and make it!

March 10, 2014

Wishlist | H&M spring favorites

H&M wishlist
Denim Shorts €14,95 | Très Cool T-shirt €9,95 | Blue Chiffon Dress €14,95 | Red Lace Dress €29,95 | Daisy Skirt €14,95 | Floral Jeans €14,95 | Grey Cardigan €12,95 |  Statement Necklace €19,95 | Black Heels €29,95 

*Bam* If you hear this sound, in our house you know that you have to run toward the door. The H&M flyer arrived. Is it just me or do you guys also always 'fight' about who gets the first look into the flyers. Maybe it's just an old habit. When me and my siblings were little, we used to always fight about the toys flyers. The goal: being the first one to cut out the coolest toys and make the best collage for Santa Claus. This time I was first! I came home early and bam, there it was: the H&M flyer. After reading it extensively, it seemed fun to make another wish list collage like the good old days, only without scissors and glue, but with polyvore. What strikes me is that, despite this is supposed to be a spring wishlist, it contains of mostly dark shades. Anyways. My favorite item on the list? The blue dress (*imagining a tropical background and a tanned body*) which seems really beautiful! What are your favorites from the new collection?

March 3, 2014

Outfit | In the streets of London

Today I have an other outfit post for you. The weather has luckily been improving lately, which means that we no longer have to squeeze ourselves into the thickest sweaters anymore, we now also can wear thinner items with the right layers. This is what I did when I went to London. Since we only had one day to spend in London, I had chosen for many layers with my checkered blouse as starting piece.

February 26, 2014

Event | food, fashion, lifestyle and many trolles!

Zoals je in de persoonlijke update van van de week al hebt kunnen lezen ben ik in de vakantie samen met een vriendin naar de huishoudbeurs gegaan. Voor ons was het de eerste keer en we hadden dan ook geen idee wat we konden verwachten, maar toen we in de trein richting Amsterdam RAI stapte werd het ons al snel duidelijk: heel veel drukte en heel veel vrouwen. De mannen die ik heb gezien die echt voor de huishoudbeurs kwamen zijn op twee handen te tellen. Eenmaal aangekomen bij de RAI kregen we direct allerlei testers en folders in onze handen geduwd. Dat belooft wat.

February 19, 2014

Personal update | bff-event, superfoods and prom

And then you wake up and realize, February is already almost over! Lately I have been doing a bit of everything. I went to many events, I made time to spend with my friends and I tried to start eating more consciously again. Time for a personal update!

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